Charles LittleJohn – The Introduction

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When I first met Charles, I immediately could see he had a gift for riding BMX. He would be casually doing these crazy tricks in Venice and it just blew my mind how good he made each trick look. I was also hyped that he’s from my hometown of Venice Beach which if you didn't know doesn’t have very many locals. Eventually we started filming and I started hitting him up to ride with LAX. The kid is so chill and down to earth that everyone took to him super fast. He's never had a full web part to himself. Thus the title “The Introduction” this is essentially the first look most people will have on Charles specificly and I couldn’t be more hyped on his first go at it. Thanks to FitBikes, Animal, PeepGame, TheeBlock, OSS for hooking him up and noticed the same thing we did. Cheers!